The Fox Haven

We play a lot of games.

However, there are some games which a large percentage of our community plays together. 

    Some of them have servers provided; for these games, the links below each image will take you to the game's steam page.

    For others, we run our own servers. The links below the images for these games will take you to pages which explain our     server and how to join, as well as provide information about the mods the server is using.

When what we are playing changes, so will this page. See you in-game!



Community based modpack.

Creative and Survival worlds.

Create, play, destroy as you desire.

Server down, plans to restore it in the near future!

Check back here for updates!


Realistic Survival. 

Zombie apocalypse. 

Isometric, Roguelike.

Server down indefinitely, pending revival of group interest.


Cyborg ninjas with guns.

Active Community Dojo.

MMO structure, shooter feel.