The Fox Haven

We love to consume media together.

Luckily, the internet makes it easy to share our favorite media with each other, and to share it as a group.We use a number of services which enable group sharing of things like netflix and amazon prime movies, we host live performers on our audio streams, and we love to settle in to sync-video to enjoy some viral - or not so viral - videos, as well as share our favorite music with one another. Our chat server even has dedicated channels in which we post music and movie recommendations, many of these are later viewed by a number of us; as a group.Click the logos below to open one of our favorite media-sharing services in a new browser tab, and enjoy!
Movies on Tuesday and Saturday!
We have a permanent Sync-Video channel!
Tune in to hear live DJs on our radio stream!

We've recently started a webcast / podcast thingy!

The name we've given our YouTube channel is "Fox Haven Broadcasting Network".

Our flagship program "All Ears" will be broken up into different series. 

Series one revolves around interviews with musicians, game developers, and other artists and creators; "All Ears on content creators".

Click on the banner below to be taken to our YouTube channel, and subscribe to be notified about new episodes!