The Fox Haven
The Fox Haven, a place to be yourself.

The Fox Haven needs your contribution!


We need you to be an active member of our community! The Fox Haven thrives on active community participation, and we're always looking for new things to do! If you have a favorite multiplayer game or online activity, please let us know, we'll be glad to at least look into it, and may very well adopt it as one of our regular group activities.

Social media is a big thing, and we make some limited use of facebook, already. We need volunteers to help create more content to share in and be shared by our facebook group. We also need experienced users of other social media platforms to assist us in managing accounts.

We also need some staff to help us develop a game, please contact us if you are a coder, modeler, or designer. 

Our Steam group can always use more curators and people who want to organize group gaming sessions. So, if you've got what it takes to handle it, we want you!

We accept non-monetary contributions in a number of forms, from art to video games, and more. Things like games are given away to our neediest members, or awarded as prizes in competitions and contests. Contributions of an artistic nature are used on this site, in our SecondLife simulator, in conjunction with our online gaming groups, and may even appear on official Fox Haven merchandise.

The Fox Haven does not actively raise funds, but we do accept unsolicited donations. These donations will only ever be used to pay operating costs, as the Fox Haven is a non-profit organization.

If you believe that any of these roles would be a good fit for you, or in the event that you'd like to make a donation, you may contact our founder here.


Open Volunteer Positions

  • Social Media Moderators
  • Web Content Creators
  • Game Curators
  • Game Coordinators

Non-monetary Contibutions Accepted

  • Art / Graphics / Models
  • Steam Games
  • Humble Bundles
  • In-game Credits