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Getting Started

Arduino is based on the ATmel IC series, such as the ATmega128 and ATmega328p

To get started you need a main controller, we recommend the ATmega328p
We Suggest getting a 5v board making it USB friendly, note that the chip runs off 3.3v bia a regulator on the board.


You will then need a way to program it, We suggest the CP2102 chipset from silicon Labs, its one of the most reliable as others don't have updated drivers for windows 8+



  1. A Micro Controller is not a Micro Processor
    Contrary to what new people believe, an Arduino is an MCU, a micro controller and handles functionality as a machine would, allowing inputs and outputs when parameters are met. while limited in concept, people have made the most of the power of the MCU to do advanced things.
  2. Can I have more pins?
    Yes, yes you can. While the Arduino has enough pins for your basic project, but when expanding into larger projects, you need a shift register.
    chips like the CD4021B for Input - TUTORIAL
    and the 74HC595 for output - TUTORIAL
    while those chips are 8bit, they might not always be ideal or available.
    other chips like sn54ls673 are 16 bit - DATASHEET
    remember to always read up on a chip before you buy, and always skim over the datasheet.