The Fox Haven
The Fox Haven, a place to be yourself.

Welcome to the Fox Haven

A virtual community for mature and tolerant nerds.

Welcome to the Fox Haven! We're a vibrant online community which was founded in 2013. By the way, if you're new: Greetings, friend! We're so glad that you've joined us!

We are run by geeks & nerds, and although we mostly operate online, by no means do we limit ourselves to one fandom, game, or virtual setting. We gladly offer everyone the opportunity to become a part of our community, so long as they are able to act like adults, respect others, and actively contribute to a real community.

Our founder's vision and hard work created the Fox Haven; a safe, tolerant community for friendly people to mix, learn, and play. The dedication of many others helps it grow and thrive.

If you'd like to learn more about us, go ahead and browse this website. There is plenty of information here, but if you'd like to get in contact with us, feel more than welcome to do so. We always enjoy hearing from people.


what we're trying to say with this page is . . .

The Fox Haven is a virtual community for friendly nerds, and while we may have an online focus, the friendships we forge are by no means limited to the internet! 

You don't need to be part of any specific fandom to join us, for we welcome all comers, regardless of personal interests. Our members understand that love and tolerance must be promoted as positive values in order to foster an environment of acceptance toward those of all natures. 

To ensure this, we work hard at ensuring the non-presence of those whom would wish to disrupt our community or cause dismay to our members, giving you the Fox Haven experience that has come to be expected; a safe virtual home among a diverse online family.

So, poke around our site, join our discord, then stay a while. We don't bite new people!     


The People of 

Fox Haven

Gamers - Furries - Artists

Modelers - Therians - Bronies

Musicians - Americans - Techies

Geeks - Stoners - Europeans

Metalheads - Otherkin

Australians - Activists - Foodies

LGBT-Q & Allies - Modders

Programmers - Gearheads

 Vegans - Photographers

Nature lovers - Feminists

Progressives - Cosplayers

Movie buffs - Canadians

Crafters - Trekkies - Slackers

Whovians - Vampires - Script Kiddies

Otakus - Goths - Political wonks

What to expect from the community of Fox Haven

A socially active community which is always ready to welcome newcomers, and takes care of the regulars.

A friendly, open, and tolerant environment where almost anyone can feel at home.

A generous community that looks out for and assists its least fortunate members.

A community populated with content creators, all of whom enjoy teaching users and less experienced content creators.

Folks who love to play video games, both with and against one another.

A group which celebrates diversity, and encourages engaged curiosity in and education about our peculiarities, quirks, 

and differences.

Shared entertainment, including group enjoyment of music, movies, and other media.